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Martin the Flyher is a multidisciplinary designer with a strong love for image and form.
He is driven by a constant curiosity to discover and explore ideas and possibilities.
From an inquisitive nature, he likes to play with the frames of the ‘everyday’ and the space between imagination and reality.

By de-contextualizing objects, gestures, symbols, and actions and combining them in new, often humorous ways, he creates idiosyncratic works in various forms that stimulate curiosity and invite you to rediscover the world around us.



At MartintheFlyher Studio I like to help you explore and convert ideas into visual possibilities. From a curious and inquisitive nature, we look together at what your ideas needs to develop further in the field of identity, branding and design.

Whether it’s an album cover, full campaign, logo, poster series or concept visualization, no idea is too crazy.

MartintheFlyher Atelier & Studio is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands and operates worldwide.